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Profanatica – “Thy Kingdom Cum” 2013

 Profanatica – “Thy Kingdom Cum”
LABEL: Hells Headbangers Records
Black Metal
RATING: 6.5 / 10
The return of the unholy heretics was marked in 2007 with the release of their first full length album and since then they haven’t been spending time. The third record “Thy Kingdom Cum” has an amazing title to begin with, as well as a very interesting cover, while the music itself is neither better nor worse than what Profanatica usually achieves.

Ledney and Gelso are by now very comfortable with writing music together and that is finally recognizable, since their cooperation here works a lot better than some idiotic releases they did in their youth. Of course, the concept of the album once again is mainly a perverted portrait of God, blasphemy and really offensive curses, as you can tell from the album and song titles. It is nothing but an ugly abomination of the band’s familiar tones, right beside their other two offerings.

The length of the album has been decreased a bit. From around 40 minutes that they previously recorded, “Thy Kingdom Cum” is now only 33, which isn’t much of a difference in the first place, since time passes so comfortable when you’re listening to the hellhole voice of Ledney. It is noisy, sick and beautifully irritating. Almost sounds like he’s spitting at the end of some screams and words, he pretty much does the work for the whole album on his own.

The production of the record is relatively clean, deliberately making the sound of the guitars a bit more noisy than usual, something common for these guys and the genre. The riffs are no different than what they have released in the past, at the same level of roughness and antipathy, in a way like the band hates the listener and the music itself. This also means that it gets a bit too monotonous in various parts of the album, where the same pattern is repeated more than enough, leaving no space for the track to breathe.

Handling the drum post for Profanatica has never been that hard and it’s quite typical and repetitive here as well. The fast paced, black metal lines almost sound machine made, since there isn’t a single difference between the hits of each snare or tom, removing anything organic from them. It’s either that, or the drummer is a robot. They have been using drum only moments in their songs since they started and they’re present here as well, I still don’t understand why.

If you break the album into parts, it’s really nothing special. However, chaotic lines of anti religious filth are great to listen to from time to time, and Profanatica are the masters of the craft. When you feel like listening to such music, they are the best you can get, even though their material is somewhat average. I guarantee the fans will worship it though.

Recommended tracks: Definite Atonement / Ropes of Hatred

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