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Blodsgard – “Monument” 2013

 Blodsgard – “Monument”
LABEL: The Oath
Black Metal
RATING: 6.5 / 10

Blodsgard hailing from Oslo/Norway is a new acquintance even though the band’s been active since 2006. But I guess much has to do with the fact that “Monument” is the bands debut album.

I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise if I tell you that Blodsgard is all about black metal done the Norwegian way. And to be honest they do it rather nicely as well, but with one colossal flaw that somewhat ruins the overall experience. What I’m referring to is the programmed digital drums that do not really fit the sound-picture in general. Don’t get me wrong, I like programmed drums as long as they enhance the music as in cases with bands such as Limbonic Art and Mysticum, just to name a few. Blodsgard although has everything to gain by having a drummer (which they seem to have nowadays according to Metal-Archives).

“Monument” is although a rather versatile album and this is much to its benefit. The first four tracks, from “Påkallelsen” to “Hagalls sirkel” are rather similiar whilst the title track “Monument” sort of works as an intermission, leaving place for the rest of the album that have a bit more epic construction. The closing track “Svart blod flyter” makes me think of Swedish Shining and for me that is a good thing.

So, in conclusion I can recommend “Monument” to fans of Norwegian black metal, but be aware that the drumsound might be an issue for some of you as it is for me. With better drums this would probably scored 7.5 (or more), but I’ll have to settle with a 6.5 as it is now.

Recommended track: Hagalls sirkel /Svart Blod Flyter

Review by: TK

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  1. BamaHammer says:

    The drums sound TERRIBLE, but I absolutely love this album.

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