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Blood Mortized – “The Demon, The Angel, The Disease” 2013

 Blood Mortized – “The Demon, The Angel, The Disease” 
Chaos Records
Death Metal
RATING: 9 /10

First review of the year and I get a treat in the form of Swedish death metal platoon Blood Mortized. On “The Demon, The Angel, The Disease” they refine the concept from “The Key to a Black Heart” by mixing Swedish old school with flavors from the early days in Tampa bay.

This record is a proof why death metal is the best genre in the world! Groove laden songs with amazing melodies and a suffocating brutality. And with a production that suits the songs perfect, it hits the spot. This album should have been on my top 10 for 2013, but…the first time I heard it was after I’ve already submitted my list.

Review by: JP

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