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Iskald – “Nedom og Nord” 2014

 Iskald – “Nedom og Nord”
LABEL: Indie Recordings
Melodic Black/Thrash Metal
RATING: 7.5 / 10

I have not been following releases of the new year till now apart from a couple of albums, and the new offering by the Norwegian blacksters Iskald got to my hands a while ago. It is the fourth album by the band, which specializes in chilling black metal with powerful riffs and dynamic compositions, a la Immortal. Their name is very close to their music too, as it means “Ice-cold” in English.

The album has a great and touching cover, mainly into the blue color, which fits very fast to the winter feeling of “Nedom Og Nord”. There are six rather long tracks (between 7 – 10 minutes each) that make a fourty eight minute long album, full of pure Scandinavian black of the third wave.

Musically, the band doesn’t lack anything, while not being completely innovative either. They have plenty of melodies, tasty epic riffs and legit raspy vocals in every song, making it enjoyable for the fans of the genre and not only. Iskald continue from where they stopped in 2011 with “The Sun I Carried Alone” and offer the same kind of material, which is at least worthy of attention. Even though there are not many memorable moments, apart from one or two (like in the self-titled track), it is still done directly and nicely.

Personally, I enjoyed the album a lot, even though I have heard better albums in the same vein before. Iskald deserve your attention as they are a fully energetic band and their new album is surely above average and listenable. The musicianship is good, while it’s total look is exceptional and pleasant.

Recommended tracks: Underwordly / Iskald

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