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Kampfar – “Djevelmakt” 2014

 Kampfar – “Djevelmakt”
LABEL: Indie Recordings
Black Metal
RATING: 7.0 / 10

Kampfar is a very consistent band, they have provided straightforward Norwegian Black Metal (with small nods toward more folk-oriented music here and there) for close to two decades. They might not be the most ”cult” band, and they don’t pretend to be.

“Djevelsmakt” is as you can expect a continuation on what they have been doing throughout their career. It has its classic Black Metal elements, and a healthy dose of Black’n’Roll riffage thrown in for good measures here and there. Nothing really stands out very much, the whole record sounds just as consistent as their back catalogue. Good instrumentals and very nice vocals makes it a good listen, but I can’t really find any songs here that makes me yearn for more. Still it makes for a good listening session and I will comeback to this record, it might be a grower.

Review by: MS

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