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Skapt av Skog – “Skapt av Skog” 2013

 Skapt av Skog – “Skapt av Skog” EP
LABEL: Fallen Temple
Black Metal
RATING: 3.0 / 10

I understand the idea behind this release, but I can not say that it is justified. Skapt av Skog is a Norwegian band that I’ve never heard of prior to receiving this CD, and to be honest I feel like it’s nothing I’ve missed out on either.

I, myself, released a couple of compilation tapes during 95-96 with bands such as Bethel, Crimson Midwinter, Funeral Mist, Incinerator, I Flow in Depths, Lord Kaos, Moloch (Swe), Necromicon, Nocturnal Moon, Thyrfing etc. and Skapt av Skog is a band that would’ve worked rather fine back in those days. Sadly though, I see no bigger idea in re-releasing this demo since it is rather bland Norwegian black metal. I guess that the greater win with this release is for the bandmates and those who actually got to hear this back in the day. Nostalgia is the word of the day.

Review by: TK

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