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A preview of 2014

aprieviewof2014After some minor investigation about what 2014 has in store for us when it comes to metal releases, I can only but smile. So many good bands is due to release an album this year. There has already been a few, and let me tell. Things are looking good! Just take Behemoth’s new album “The Satanist”. It takes us back to the time of “Pandemonic Incantations” and fuses it with the Behemoth we now know. I am going to go through just a few of these releases to come.

01. Nile – One of the best bands in the world. This will be nothing but awesome!
02. Bombs Of Hades – You can never go wrong with Swedish old school death metal.
03. Devin Townsend – Whatever this man releases, I am mesmerized. From Punky Brüster to SYL to his solo stuff.
04. Anaal Nathrakh – This band has taken their brand of black metal further than most bands dare.
05. Vader – These guys have released so many good albums, but did not impress me with their latest release. Come on Vader give us a new “Litany”.
06. Cannibal Corpse – There is no doubt in my mind that this record will kick ass! This is a band that never fails in my eyes.
07. Aborted – This a band that always delivers. This will be good.
08. Marduk – Judging from their latest albums, this will be something to look forward to.
09. Immortal – Second album after their comeback in 2009. I expect nothing less than awesomeness.
10. Voices – Less than a year after their debut “From the Human Forest Create a Fugue of Imaginary Rain”, and if this album is anywhere near as good, we can expect a kick ass one.

11. Primordial – The masters of epic metal that takes you on a musical journey and makes you feel like you’re in a LOTR book.
12. Solstafir – This band possesses the same quality as Primordial. Only in Icelandic.
13. Testament – As Metallica progressively turned crappier and crappier, Testament went the other way. From really good to amazing, and on “The Gathering” they in my opinion peaked, and have not really hit the same high again. But I have hopes for their upcoming release.
14. Black Breath – With a mix of Swedish death metal and hardcore, this band keeps releasing kick ass records. I have no doubt their 2014 release will be any less.
15. Exodus – A new album with the best vocalist they have had so far. Looking good!
16. Slayer – An album written a 100% by Kerry King…….I predict it to be boring.
17. Massacre – This can be awesome, but it can also fall flat. They already have one record that they try to deny ever excised.
18. Earth Crisis – Please let this be a proper hardcore record and not some nu-metal crap. Do what you do best.
19. Arch Enemy – I’ve never been a big fan, but they always have a few enjoyable songs on each record, hopefully this one will bring more than just a few.
20. Decapitated – One more band that put out so many good releases, even though I was not a big fan of their latest, I sure hope their new will bring them back to their true form.

21. Obituary – Legends Obituary are back with a new album. Should be kick ass, as always.
22. Volturyon – Looking forward to hear their brand of death metal with new vocalist Alex Högbom growling like there is no tomorrow.
23. Seprevation – I’ve had the pleasure to listen to new album while in progress of finishing up the record. And all I can say, any fan of old school should keep an eye out for this release.
24. Sinister – A band that should have received more recognition, and will hopefully do so with a new album.
25. Benighted – Looking back at this band other records, this will be something to look forward to.
26. Origin – To play as fast as Origin, and still maintain such a groove is extremely impressive. As always, I think this album will be as impressive.
27. Ribspreader – Again, old school death metal, you can never go wrong with that.
28. Soreption – Technical death metal that will blow you away.
29. Cripple Bastards – One of this year’s many grindcore releases to look forward to.
30. Napalm Death – Hopefully this will be as good as their latest releases.

This is just a few of the albums expected in 2014. 

Article by: JP

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  1. BamaHammer says:

    News of a new Marduk makes me excited.

  2. Christofer says:

    New Nile-album?!? Can´t wait.

  3. Walter Navarro says:

    That´s a lot of big names on that list! I agree with your comments about Testament and Vader, both The Gathering and Litany are my favourite albums of those bands.
    And this year will bring not only one Devin Townsend release,… but three! Ziltoid 2 is gonna fucking rip!

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