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Fuoco Fatuo – “The Viper Slithers in the Ashes of What Remains” 2014

 Fuoco Fatuo – “The Viper Slithers in the Ashes of What Remains”
LABEL: Iron Tyrant
YEAR: 2014
GENRE: Sludge/Doom/Black Metal
RATING: 6.5 / 10

I recently tried out Ulcerate‘s “Vermis” again. And even though I like bits and pieces of it, I could not bring myself to love it. Italy’s Fuoco Fatuo* play a blend of doom/death that should be more to my taste, being overall a bit more coherent, but still as crushing, only not as tempestuous. Bad choice of words, perhaps, but if you listen to them both, I’m sure you’ll know what I mean.

Fuoco Fatuo (from here on out called FF) is a quite new constellation (as are the other bands the members play in) but to me they certainly sound mature enough to release this, their debut album. They have been around since 2011, and started up in a region in northern Italy where Milano is the biggest city. Specifically they come from Varese, a town at the foot of the Alps, which has (if my calculations are correct) a density of metal bands more than twice than that of my own city: Gothenburg**.

To me, Italy was always about dragons and falsetto, until a few years ago. Lately, Italy has been all about brutality and speed (Hour of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse…). FF fits this new world order in the former respect, but they do not utilize speed, but instead drone their way forward and slowly consume their prey.

“The Viper Slithers in the Ashes of What Remains” (from here on out called “The Viper”) is a low, slow rumbling beast and every part of the album is good, if not great. However, I have found it hard to keep my concentration up in the long run. This though, I’m sure, is more a product of my own wandering mind, than a reflection of the music presented by FF. On the negative, for real – though subjective of course, are the vocals. They are a bit too murky. So, even though they fit the general musical landscape of “The Viper” I would have preferred something a bit more… Well, unique actually!

If anyone reading this is a bigger fan of doom metal, on the death side of the scale, than me, I suggest that they lend an ear to whatever piece of “The Viper” that is out there for listening and maybe like it more than me. I would rather hear this band in a live setting. With the walls closing in on everyone in the crowd.

*Translates to “ignis fatuus” in English
ig·nis fat·u·us [ig-nis fach-oo-uhs] noun, plural ig·nes fat·u·i [ig-neez fach-oo-ahy]
1. Also called friar’s lantern, will-o’-the-wisp. a flitting phosphorescent light seen at night, chiefly over marshy ground, and believed to be due to spontaneous combustion of gas from decomposed organic matter.
2. something deluding or misleading.

**Welcome to “Useless Facts #1”

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