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Lie in Ruins – “Towards Divine Death” 2014

 Lie in Ruins – “Towards Divine Death”
LABEL: Dark Descent Records
Death Metal
RATING: 8.0 / 10
Lie In Ruins is one of the bands that formed in the early nineties and released nothing, before awaking again fifteen years later or so, to begin activities in the modern scene. These guys released their first demo in 2005 and “Towards Divine Death” is their second full length album, a piece of fairly furious death metal with a devouring atmosphere and few alterations, marked as a preacher of destruction.

From the norther countries, Finland has significantly fewer straightforward death metal bands and a crushing album from there comes along now and then as this is one of them. While “Towards Divine Death” is powerful and quite better than their debut, it’s indeed not flawless and a bit excessive at the end of the day.

Once the first track “Endless Void” starts, with its church bell introduction and the haunting feeling, soon enough the thick guitars and the abysmal growls kick in and one knows of what he will be dealing with the rest of the hour. Lie In Ruins deliver an overfueled dose of intensity with their amazing riffs and drums, as well as the variations in the tracks, moving from fast to middle paced parts with remarkable ease.

The production of the album plays a major role in the final outcome, as the band relies on building a deathlike aura with their dissonant compositions, using old school death / orthodox black / doom metal elements as their guide to song writing. It’s sound is unforgiving and unfriendly, as if to drive away fans of more easygoing metal and appeal to the trained listeners only. The music is well written and interesting, maintaining a particular pattern in it’s entirety.

What I didn’t like with “Towards Divine Death” is the length of the album, which is very much longer than what I usually appreciate in such records. One hour and ten minutes is too much for one full length, especially when with that sound and vibe. While the band constantly plays new riffs and melodies, it might be tiring to some listening to the whole record without switching to something else. If the record was half it’s length, I think it would be perfect.

I think Lie In Ruins arrived with a pretty solid album this year and they are a band with an affecting sound, whom if one is a fan, they will love it. If there is a genre as occult death metal, I would put it under that banner, as it’s not the typical death metal band you will stumble upon. Whatever the genre is, I think it’s really good.

Recommended tracks: Venomous Tongues / Charred Walls

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