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Monstraat – “Monstraat” 2013

 Monstraat – “Monstraat”
LABEL: Fallen Temple
Raw Black Metal
RATING: 6 / 10

Raw, primitive and lo-fi black metal from Sweden. Monstraat does everything in the right fashion but doesn’t really tickle my black metal nerve as much as I’d like.

This is although something that should interest all fans of BM in the vein of old Darkthrone and Craft. The stand out track on this rather short album (25 min.) is also the longest track, “A Poison Divine”. Hopefully this is one of the newer songs written for this recording since it differs from the rest and instantly became a favourite. This is an ok debut album, but my guess is that the sophomore album will be even better.

Recommended track:A Poison Divine

Review by: TK

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