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Autopsy – “Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves” 2014

 Autopsy – “Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves”
Peaceville Records
Death Metal
RATING: 08 / 10

Autopsy does what Autopsy does best on Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves”. Dirty, rotten death metal that is heavier than any sludge or doom band out there. Rawer than any of the carbon copies that popped up like mushrooms over the last few years. Boys and girls, this is how Autopsy death metal is meant to sound, and no one will come close to the original.

The production fits the record perfect, and without losing any punch or power it stinks of rotten flesh. It is easy to see why this band has been the main inspiration for so many bands. It is simple, dirty and extremely appealing to anyone who likes their death metal in a no-nonsense fashion. The original will always rule!

Recommended tracks: “Forever Hungry” and “Parasitic Eye”

Review by: JP

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