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Death – “Leprosy” 2014 (re-issue)

 Death – “Leprosy” 2014 (re-issue)
Relapse Records (Originally on Combat Records)
2014 (Originally 1988)
Death Metal
RATING: 10 / 10

This is without a doubt one of the most influential bands in the history of death metal. And it’s a true honor to get the task to review this classic piece of brilliance.

On their early demos Death released a new type of music to the world, it was rawer and nastier than thrash metal and more brutal than Venom and Celtic Frost. On “Scream Bloody Gore” they refined the sound of death metal, but it was with “Leprosy” they hit the target full on. Taking all the elements of “Scream Bloody Gore” and pushing it one step further.

This to me is the best Death album as they have packed everything that is so good with this band into one record. I usually don’t like re-issues of classics as they most of the time get remastered and stripped from its soul. But in this case mastermind Alan Douches (Mastodon, Nile, etc) have done one hell of a job. And to add 50 minutes of previously unheard and unreleased “Leprosy demos” and rehearsal material is just like getting extra candy in your bag.

Thank you Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P) for creating the best genre in the world, your heritage lives on through every Death album, and all the amazing bands carrying this legacy forward!

Review by: JP

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  1. Christofer says:

    Awesome album but I like later Death even more. R.I.P Chuck, you will always be remembered.

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