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Squash Bowels/Parricide – “Old Grindfathers and Their Grind” 2013

 Squash Bowels/Parricide – “Old Grindfathers and Their Grind” Split
Fat Ass Records
RATING: 8.5 / 10

If we start off with the first band of this split Parricide we got grindcore with a bit of old school hardcore groove to mix into this tasty soup. It’s when you hear songs like this you wish for a full album. The production suits the songs perfect, everything is clear without sounding to clean and digital. And I have to say, I love the use of cowbell!

Second part of this split belongs to Squash Bowels. They are a band that I first discovered at one of the best festivals in the world Obscene Extreme, and I was hooked straight away. They are one of those bands that just keeps getting better and better for every album they put out.

If you like grindcore this is a treat, get it or miss out!

Review by: JP

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