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This was my life – 1993


If you wanna read more about the idea and thought with this article series, read the first post HERE. Just to clarify – the order of the albums is not a toplist but instead ordered from A to Z.

Working with this project is one of the most fantastic journeys back in time I’ve ever done. 1993 is yet another year that offered so many great releases it was nearly impossible to pick 10 favourites. In fact I had to rely extra on special memories from the albums that ended up being chosen. Black metal took even a bigger part of my life during 1993 and most of the amazing releases are present in the list below. But still I have to mention the following bands that released brilliant albums in 1993 but didn’t make it on to the list (even though I wish I could add them all): BURZUM, CYNIC, DARKTHRONE, DEATH, EDGE OF SANITY, ENSLAVED,  IMPALED NAZARENE, LEUKEMIA, MACABRE, MARDUK, MAYHEM, MERCILESS, MORBID ANGEL, MY DYING BRIDE, NECROPHOBIC, PAN.THY.MONIUM, PARADISE LOST, PESTILENCE, SEANCE, UNANIMATED and UNLEASHED.

Some bands formed in 1993:

  • Abigor
  • Children of Bodom
  • Dark Funeral
  • Diabolical Masquerade
  • Dimmu Borgir
  • Electric Wizard
  • Limbonic Art
  • Melechesh
  • Nile
  • Satariel
  • Symphony X
  • Theatre of Tragedy
  • Ulver

Some events during 1993:

  • Accept reforms with Udo Dirkshneider on vocals for a new album and European/American tour.
  • After a brief hiatus, Atheist reform to record their final album, Elements, in order to finish their third album contract to their record label. After this, the band breaks up again a year later.
  • Bruce Dickinson leaves Iron Maiden and is replaced with Blaze Bayley.
  • Rob Halford  leaves Judas Priest and starts his own project called Fight.
  • Michael Kiske leaves Helloween due to personal reasons and is replaced by Andy Deris.
  • Euronymous – guitarist and mainman of Norwegian black metal band Mayhem as well as founder and manager of record label Deathlike Silence Productions and Oslo store Helvete – was murdered on August 10, by fellow black metal musician Varg Vikernes (aka Count Grishnackh) of one-man band Burzum as well as bassist of Mayhem.

MY TOP 10 FOR 1993:

Earache Records
1993 [October]

CARCASS really developed their style to a more groovy, melodic and easy-listening form of death metal. Initially not to my liking but over the years “Heartwork” grew into a classic.

No Fashion Records
1993 [December]

“The Somberlain” was one of those life changing albums that turned my life upside down. How could anything ever beat the perfection of this album? The answer 21 years later is – nothing.



Candlelight Records
1993 [June]

The version of “I am the Black Wizards” on this release might for me be Scandinavian Black Metal perfected! I’ve been spinning this EP for 21 years and it still gives me occasional goosebumps.


Wrong Again Records
1993 [-]

Get past the somewhat unique sound-picture and you’ll be left with the best piece of melodic death metal to ever have emerged from Sweden.

Osmose Productions
1993 [November]

To me IMMORTAL perfected their sound already with “Pure Holocaust” which also assures its place in this list of the best albums of 1993. Storming through red clouds and holocaustwinds!!



No Fashion Records
1993 [December]

“Without God”with the risk for TMI, was the song I had sex to for the first time with my first love. Kind of a memory that is hard to beat. Guess I have Swedish CLOSE-UP MAGAZINE to thank for this fantastic soundtrack since they included the song on a CD that came with the magazine back then.

Metal Blade Records
1993 [June]

My first meeting with THE KING and that should pretty much be enough to explain why this album ended up in this list. The start of a love affair that is still burning almost as bright as that day back in 1993 when Melissa entered my world.


Osmose Productions
1993 [November]

Still the most evil-sounding release from Greece. ROTTING CHRIST offered a sound that differed from the Scandinavian bands and also opened up my eyes for the scene n Southern Europe. A true classic!!

Spinefarm Records
1993 [June]

“North from Here” is one of the most underrated pieces of technical and progressive death metal I know. Fans of this genre should really give this album more spins and discover its brilliance. Just listen to this!

Roadrunner Records
1993 [August]

16 years old and in need of make-out music. TYPE O NEGATIVE solved that issue. Sadly never got to see the band live, but at least I saw CARNIVORE when they re-united for some gigs before Peter’s Death (R.I.P.).


Click on the button above to listen to the rest of my favourites from 1990.

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