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Against the Wall – June 2014

 Dead Congregation – ” Promulgation of the Fall”

LABEL: Martyrdoom Productions
GENRE: Death Metal

(TK): Dead Congregation return with yet another piece of dark and filthy death metal. I’m loving it! 8.5/10

(BH): I only recently discovered this band, and I was pretty pumped about this release. It sounds absolutely filthy, disgusting, and purely evil, which is what this band does best, and the production is very fitting as well. The first half of the album is KO for sure, but it ultimately feels like there’s something missing that keeps it from being truly great. 8.0/10

(JP): Dark death metal that smells of Morbid Angel and Immolation. Perfectly performed, and with such a good production, you cannot do anything but enjoy from start to finish. 8.5/10

(MJ): Wow. This one blew my head off when I started listening to it. Thick-as-a-brick death metal (density-wise, there’s nothing stupid with it) with completely indiscernible vocals. One whole album became too much for me, however, and I couldn’t help but feel that there are some fillers on this disc  7.0/10

 Vanhelgd – “Relics of Sulphur Salvation”

LABEL: Pulverised Records
GENRE: Death Metal

(TK): Sweden continues to deliver quality death metal outfits. I’ve always been a sucker for Swedish lyrics in death metal (The Few Against Many etc.) so extra kudos to those two songs.  8.0/10

(BH): I feel like this band is missing a vowel or two. I also feel like they’ve put together a mighty fine album here filled with plenty of dark passages and evil moments. The riffs have a black metal feel to them, but the vocals and drumming combine with the bottom end and production to make something decidedly dark and deathy. I like it. 9.0/10

(JP): Good solid old school death metal 7.5/10


 Sinister – ” The Post-Apocalyptic Servant”

LABEL: Massacre Records
GENRE: Death Metal

(TK): 26 years and 10 full-lenghts later Dutch deathmetallers continue to deliver the goods with “The Post-Apocalyptic Servant”, US death metal style. Respect! 7.0/10

(BH): This one isn’t going to make you stop listening to “Hate” or “Cross the Styx” or anything, but it is a finely crafted slab of Dutch death. 7.0/10

(JP): Longtime runner Sinister sounds like they always have. Old school American sounding death metal. Performed with true conviction. 7.0/10

(MJ): Sinister indeed. Another long-running band in this ATW. But a fresh sounding one. This album is a real Post-Apocalyptic kick in the nuts! 8.5/10

 Souldrainer – ”Architect”

LABEL: ViciSolum Productions
GENRE: Melodic Death Metal

(TK): Souldrainer continue on their path of  Hypocrisy/Pain:ish melodic death metal, and as with the bands previous works it still works. I’ve now learnt what to expect from these guys and I am not disappointed. 7.0/10

(BH): This is actually some pretty cool death metal with an interesting atmosphere as a bonus. Nothing about it will set the world on fire, but it can be enjoyable if you’re in the mood for it. Consider my soul drained. 7.0/10

(JP): This album has got some hooks that will drag you all the way to hell. 8.0/10

(MJ): Not bad, for a complete copy of Hypocrisy. 7.0/10

 Vader – ”Tibi Et Igni”

LABEL: Nuclear Blast
GENRE: Death/Thrash Metal

(TK): Vader is to Polish death metal what Volvo has been for the Swedish car industry. You know you get quality, consistant such since the dawn of time. It takes exactly 0.43 seconds to recognize a song as a Vader song. Even though there is nothing new under the sun this time around either, I simply can not NOT enjoy this 11th full-lenght of Polish quality!   8.0/10

(BH): Vader can never write a bad record. You all already know this. This album is full of riffs that will make you bang your head in pleasure as the flesh is flayed from your bones. Just like their last 93 albums. 9.0/10

(JP): This is Vader’s album back to my heart. After peaking (in my eyes) with “Litany” in 2000, nothing has felt as complete as that album. They came close with “Impressions in Blood”, then lost it a bit again. ”Tibi Et Igni” is no “Litany”, but it is damn close, and I love it! 8.0/10

(MJ): And then… ?. 4.0/10

 Misery Index – ”The Killing Gods”

LABEL: Season of Mist
GENRE: Death Metal/Grindcore

(TK): Brilliant and relentless grinding death metal from start to finish! 7.5/10

(BH): OK, American death metal wannabes. This is a fine example of how to mix shear brutality with groove to create a modern death metal album that does not fall victim to anonymity and mediocrity. That’s five quality albums in a row from these guys if you’re counting 8.0/10

(JP): Misery Index does what they do best, grinding death metal. Delivered like a big fat punch in your face. 8.0/10

(MJ): In Sweden we call this Trollhättan, meaning it sounds like what you’d expect from The Crown and Impious. That’s largely not a bad statement, but “The Killing Gods” doesn’t quite hold up. 4.5/10

 Hour of Penance – ”Regicide”

LABEL: Prostethic Records
GENRE: Technical/ Brutal Death Metal

(TK): Hour of Penance sure know how to play their death metal. They do everything right, but still I get the feeling that something is missing for it to rise to the next level. 6.5/10

(BH): There is absolutely nothing wrong with this band. They definitely know their way around an assortment of instruments. For that, I applaud them. However, they don’t know their way around groove too well. I’m sure there is an audience out there for this kind of thing, but it’s nowhere near me. It feels like the focus is on technicality which makes it pretty difficult to digest. 6.0/10

(JP): The Italian masters of technical death metal are back. Hour of Penance manage to write neck breaking twisted songs without losing the nerve or missing out on any hooks. 8.0/10

(MJ): Many people jizzed their pants over their last album, “Sedition”, but I was still completely sold on Fleshgod Apocalypse at that time so I couldn’t be bothered with another brutal Italian band. “Regicide” doesn’t do much to spark my interest either. 5.0/10

 Vallenfyre – ”Splinters”

LABEL: Century Media
GENRE: Death Metal with Doom influences

(TK): Mmmmmm……Jebus! Talk about sweeping me off my feet with that bassguitar sound (Yeah, I play the bass). This is some crusty death metal goodness indeed.  8.0/10

(BH): I liked their last album a bit, but for some reason, this one’s not clicking with me. It just feels like I’ve heard it all too many times before 6.5/10

(JP): This is the perfect mix of old Paradise Lost, Discharge, Napalm Death and Entombed. 8.0/10

(MJ): For me, right now, the very definition of underwhelming. 3.0/10

 Avatar – ”Hail the Apocalypse”

LABEL: Gain Music Entertainment
GENRE: Melodic Death Metal/Nu-Metal

(TK): I like this. Maybe it is a bit too much fun & games in the end, but there’s some really groovy party metal to be found on “Hail the Apocalypse”6.5/10

(BH): This is really a confusing mixed bag of A.D.D. sounds and styles that range anywhere from absurdly weird to downright groovy. I have no idea what they’re trying to do here, but some it’s decent at times. Doubt I’d ever listen for prolonged periods. 5.0/10

(JP): This does not convince me. Bands like Polkadot Cadaver and Dog Fashion Disco does this so much better. 4.0/10

(MJ): I didn’t think much of Avatar, until put their last album on his top list for 2012. I picked up “Black Waltz” and liked it fairly. I might just not “get it,” but I think their 2014 effort is taking things a bit too far. 3.5/10

 Killer Be Killed – ” Killer Be Killed”

LABEL: Nuclear Blast
GENRE: Metalcore/Groove Metal

(TK): No. Just no,soulless…………jävla Carlings Metal. 1.5/10

(BH): I can’t do it. I can’t enjoy any part of this. The vocals are beyond irritating. The riffs are some of the most boring I’ve heard this year. The band’s name itself is even annoying. 1.0/10

(JP): What do you get if you mix The Dillinger Escape Plan with Soulfly, Mastodon and The Mars Volta…shit apparently. 2.0/10

(MJ): A friend told me this sounded kind of generic, but since I haven’t spent any time worth mentioning with these guys’ other bands I find this fresh and enjoyable. 7.0/10


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