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JZZBLK – “Welcome” EP 2014

 JZZBLK – “Welcome”
LABEL: Self-Released
Avant-garde metal
RATING: 9 / 10

JZZBLK’s ([dʒæzblæk] avant garde/experimentell rock/metal).
Now here’s a local band that has had a hard time convincing me. I guess it took a couple of years, a pink t-shirt, two live-shows and the release of “Welcome” to convince me.


Me after the “Welcome” release party show.                           I bought both the pink t-shirt and a cannon!

This sort of music ain’t usually my cup of tea so describing it will be interesting enough. I know I can cheat a bit since I know some of the bands members, and what they (he) listen to (Thanks to their tie to the now defunct orchestra Ghamorean and the fact that I DJ’d on their gig with JZZBLK as opener a year ago or so). So, by hopefully naming bands such as Ved Buens Ende, Virus, Tool, Mastodon, Primus, King Crimson, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Emperor to name a few I at least get something right.

How do I describe this musical piece if I ain’t that into many of the bands I mentioned above?
This is an EP for all fans of  progressive/avantgardish metal with a flirt towards the extreme. Musically this is just as brilliant as its production.
This is also an album that works brilliant for musicians who need some sort of boost. Be it in a self-loathing “I suck at my instrument after listening to this”-sort of way or as in my case “Fuck, I love playing bass guitar but let these guys funk it out”-way. But, as for long as I have other things to do than improve on my playing skills, JZZBLK will work brilliantly as an blueprint for what my bass guitar playing should sound like considering the years I’ve played it.
Now I’m just waiting for my embroided artwork (limited to 25 copies to arrive). It will take towards 60 days….well worth the wait. And perhaps worth mentioning is that the CD is limited to 50 copies. Get it whilst you can!!!

Recommended track: Ghetto MissionKittens, Mice & Headless Chickens

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