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Live: Cannibal Corpse – Birmingham, Alabama (US) 28 July 2014

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Cannibal Corpse is a band that needs no introduction at this point, so they’re not really getting one here. I will say, however, that they’re a band who always delivers the goods and seems to value every fan’s experience at every live show. Also, much like their albums, you know exactly what you’re getting every single time you see them.

The show took place in a newer venue called Iron City in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, US. The place with it’s sub-1000 capacity was perfect for a show like this. It was very cozy but not cramped, and the floor was actually a pit that sat about three feet below the rest of the place. In a word, I’d actually say it was perfect.

From what I’ve gathered Cannibal Corpse has had local bands open for them on the tour, and this show was no different. First up was Chaos Inception from Huntsville, Alabama, and this four-piece was brutally fantastic. They are clearly well versed in their old school American technical death metal, and honestly if you like death metal, you should do whatever it takes to check them out. Seriously. They could use another guitarist for live performances for more depth, but regardless, these old dudes were good. On CD, they sound excellent.

The second band, Of Men And Angel’s Flesh, another four-piece but from Birmingham, was pretty technical and brutal, but their brand of metal that seemed to teeter on the line between death and deathcore is not something I could imagine myself listening to on a regular basis. Nonetheless, in a live setting, it worked.

Image borrowed from Wikipedia

Cannibal Corpse (Image borrowed from Wikipedia)

As for the main course, the mighty Cannibal Corpse, they were as tight, brutal, relentless, and entertaining as ever. I honestly don’t think they even took a breath between the first five or six tunes, which had the pit and the fans in the front in a constant frenzy. I saw them once before two years ago, and this set list was almost entirely fresh from then. Of course they played many of the classics (What would a Cannibal show be without “Hammer Smashed Face,” after all), but it was nice to hear George Fisher on so many cuts from the early years like “Gutted.” Even George’s banter with the crowd felt genuinely enjoyable.

As you may have guessed, good death metal shows are few and far between in Birmingham, Alabama, and probably for good reason. It’s not exactly Paris or Las Vegas. However, on 28 June, the scene came alive, at least for one night, and left me ready for the next show if for no other reason than to work the soreness out of my neck.

If you have a chance to see these American death metal legends live, don’t pass it up.

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