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Dying Embrace/Dusk – “Through Corridors of Dead Centuries” 2014

ALBUM: Dying Embrace/Dusk – “Through Corridors of Dead Centuries” (split) 2014
LABEL: Cyclopean Eye Productions
YEAR: 2014
GENRE: Death/Doom Metal
RATING: 9.0 / 10 for Dying Embrace, 8.5 / 10 for Dusk

I know this is a pretty obscure one, but hear me out. Let me start by saying that I firmly believe that the metal scene in India is one of the most underrated scenes in the world. There are some seriously top-notch bands from the world’s second-most populous country like Kryptos, Demonic Resurrection, and Guillotine, and none of them go back as far as Dying Embrace, who are honestly one of India’s founding fathers of metal.

The recording history of Dying Embrace is an amalgam of compilations and various EPs , so appearing on this split with Pakistan’s Dusk, is no surprise. The surprise arrives in full force with the first track, “The Ascendant of Namtar,” and doesn’t let up for a solid 18 minutes. Dying Embrace play a killer hybrid of extremely groovy death/doom with Vikram Bhat providing some of the sickest, grimmest vocals you’ll hear this side of black metal.

The sound is absolutely massive. Jimmy Palkhivala’s guitar arrives like an army of angry elephants stomping through a seemingly endless supply of groovy riffs that you can’t help but bob your head with, and the drums and bass provide an earth-shattering bottom end reminiscent of today’s filthiest, most chaotic doom outfits.

As for the other half of the split, Pakistani death metal outfit Dusk, who could’ve fooled me into thinking they were Swedish for a second, provide more brutal and filthy mid-paced death metal with more than a few hints of doom sprinkled in for good measure. Following the evil blackened shrieks of Dying Embrace, Dusk instead provides a deeper, more traditional death growl.

Dusk is also a noticeably slower, more dirge-y band than Dying Embrace, and what they lack in sheer energy in their music, they more than make up for with some really good atmosphere. The slow riffs and spooky leads atop the loud stompy bass create an entrancing feeling every time you listen through their stuff. Really cool.

Ultimately, I can’t recommend these bands enough. This Asian tag-team crams so much groove into this split that it’s actually amazing. If you like banging your head with extremely well written and heavy death/doom, do whatever you have to do to hear this.

Review by: BH

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