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Hammerfall – “(r)Evolution” 2014

 Hammerfall – “(r)Evolution”
LABEL: Nuclear Blast
YEAR: 2014
GENRE: Heavy Metal
RATING: 4.0 / 10


I kind of grew up with the first HammerFall albums, until I let them go after “Crimson Thunder”. And I have been off that train since then. But now when there have been talk of a return to the roots, I admit that I got interested. The title of the album, though stupid, says the same thing. The music, not so much. At least I don’t think that the band sound like their older self on here, except for the reuse of the guitar lick from “The Way of the Warrior” on the samurai song. There are a few good so… sorry, hymns, but the cheese factor is just too high. The band really do take themselves too seriously. I’m glad they’ve found a spark to ignite the machinery again, but, really, would it be so much to ask NOT to write every song on the same template? Especially the lyrics was what made me duck away from the falling hammer in the first place, and there seem to be no salvation in sight.

One song about samurai and at least two inspired by “A Song of Ice and Fire” (or “Game of Thrones”, if you think they are illiterate. What else can the titles “Winter Is Coming” and “Wildfire” come from?), and general self-glorification, that’s the building material for the content here. The guest vocals by James Michael on “We Won’t Back Down” is a welcome change (supposedly he’s on “Bushido” and “Winter Is Coming” as well, but there it’s not as apparent), and he actually manages to un-cheese the music for a few seconds.

 If there had been any indication that the band writes and records this music just because they think it’s fun and they’re good at it, I might have stayed on the metaphorical train from the beginning of this text. But it feels like they think this is the coolest shit eva, which makes it the complete opposite. Power metal in general, and HammerFall specifically, was my way into heavier music. Might be they can still serve as a gateway to more substantial music, but “(r)Evolution” is not one for the long run.

P.S. The last word on “Winter Is Coming” – just listen to the pronunciation. D.S.

Review by: MJ

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