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This was my life – 1997

If you wanna read more about the idea and thought with this article series, read the first post HERE. Just to clarify – the order of the albums is not a toplist but instead ordered from A to Z.

In 1997 some of my all-time favorites saw the day of light. I’m referring especially to Ancient Wisdom‘s “The Calling” Limbonic Art‘s “In Abhorrence Dementia”, Strapping Young Lad‘s “City” and Symphony X‘s “The Divine Wings of Tragedy” All albums that I still, 17 years later, listen to on a monthly basis. But 1997 also came with such brilliant albums as: “Kostogher”, “La Masquerade Infernale”, “The Mind’s I”, “Serpents of the Light”, “The Phantom Lodge”, “Death Metal”, “Infernal”, “Mirrorworlds”, “Nighttime Birds”, “The Final Chapter”, “Blizzard Beasts”, “Whoracle”, “Return Fire”, “Brown Album”, “Third Eye Function” and “Facing the Animal”But as always everything can be found in Spotify playlist that goes with the article.

Some bands formed in 1997:

  • Akercocke
  • The Dillinger Escape Plan
  • Finntroll
  • Isis
  • Pig Destroyer
  • Spawn of Possession
  • Turisas

Some events during 1997:

  • Mötley Crüe and former vocalist Vince Neil reconcile their differences, and Neil rejoins the band.
  • Black Sabbath reunites with the original line-up between “Black Sabbath” and “Never Say Die!” (That is in other words with Ozzy etc.).
  • Former Slipknot vocalist, Anders Colsefni, is replaced with current lead singer of Slipknot, Corey Taylor.
  • Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, he dead.

MY TOP 10 FOR 1997:

Avantgarde Music
1997 [February 24]

“The Calling” is for me more than an album. It is the epitome of atmospheric black metal, to the point that I’ve even tattoed myself with the Leviathan Cross found on the front cover.

Spinefarm Records
1997 [February 16]

I still remember the day, it was actually Mr. Sandorf (Gates of Ishtar, The Duskfall, Helltrain), I was introduced for the sound of CoB. As a big fan of guitar shredding I was hooked immediately. To this day this is the only CoB album I need in my collection.


Invasion Records
1997 [October 13]

Ever felt being run over by a speeding train of pure thrash and death? If not, give “Under the Blade” a spin. From the ultra-shredding hand of Lars Löfven, razorsharp vocals of Gustaf Jorde to the rapid drumming of Matte Modin. What’s there not to love!!


Nuclear Blast
1997 [May 30]

Oh! how I loathed this album when it was released. “Black metal for girls” I think we called it. Guess what? 17 years later, that teen that was is no more and I don’t care if it’s “Black metal for dolphins”. It’s a solid album that sort of widened the whole genre, both positively and negatively….


Candlelight Records
1997 [July 8]

Emperor had quite a pressure on the following up their brilliant debut album “In the Nightside Eclipse” (1994) and to be honest I think that they did a great job. With strong material such as “Ye Entrancemperium”, “The Loss & Curse of Reverence” and “With Strenght I Burn” just to name a few.


Nocturnal Art Productions
1997 [December 12]

As with “The Calling”, “In Abhorrence Dementia” is to me the height of Symphonic Black Metal. It’s hard to explain how a single album can bring so much pleasure over the course of 17 years. The only downside with the release of this album was that I never really grew that fond of the albums that followed. This was it for me. The Limbonic Art masterpiece!!

Century Media Records
1997 [August 18]

1996 was the first time I heard Old Man’s Child and even though I took liking to  “Born of the Flickering” it was “The Pagan Prosperity” that got me hooked on riffmaestro GalderTalk about writing catchy riffs!! The only down-side of this album is that there is no snare drum what so ever during the blastbeats. An yeah, the solo at 3:11 in “The Millenium King” still gives me goosebumps.


Century Media Records
1997 [January 27]

What can I really say? Strapping Young Lad completely changed my musical views. From being a somewhat, well let’s make it simple and say narrow-minded I widened my horizons beyond the world of the ususal thrash, death and black metal metal bubble I was living in. “City” is pure audial agression of the purest form!! All Hail the New Flesh!!

InsideOut Music
1997 [March 24]

Remember the days when you still bought albums just based on the cover artwork without actually have heard a tune from the album in question? I’ve almost forgot it except for the fact that “TDWoT” was one of the last. Then I got this thing called the Internetz and the artform of buying an album unheard seized to exist. So what is this album? Simply 67 minutes of the best Progressive Power Metal-eargasm you’ll ever experience.

Osmose Productions
1997 [March 25]

I simply love every little thing about this album. From the album title to the production to the……well, just brilliance of honest in-your-face death metal! Simply one of these albums that I have bought at least four times in my life (different presses & formats of course) out of pure love for it.   

Click on the button above to listen to the rest of my favorites from 1997.

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