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Slipknot – “.5: The Gray Chapter” 2014

 Slipknot – “.5: The Gray Chapter”
LABEL: Roadrunner Records
Metal/Nu-Metal/Alternative Metal
RATING: 8 / 10

Back in the day I used to consider Slipknot as one of my favorite bands. In all honesty, Slipknot was actually the first metal band I “discovered” on my own, back when I was about 9 years old. Their self-titled debut album still holds a special place in my heart, I consider that album to be a “life-changer” for me.

Somehow, as I got more and more into extreme music I kind of lost my touch with Slipknot as I was discovering new music and when I had developed a genuine passion for Death Metal, my Slipknot records were only left on my shelf to “collect dust”, so to say.

Yet here we are, 4 years after the unfortunate passing of bassist Paul Gray (R.I.P) and 6 years after the release of the last album “All Hope is Gone”, and now we stand here with a brand new Slipknot album. “All Hope is Gone” was a huge dissapointment to many long time Slipknot fans, it wasn’t really a dissapointment to me, I just felt like that album didn’t live up to the standards of their previous efforts. This new one on the other hand, it has definitely caught my attention.

This album is full of the things I loved about Slipknot, some of those things they’ve even taken to a new level for their music. I’m talking about the groovy and heavy riffing, the catchy melodies, the hardcore influenced screams and growls with a whole lot of anger, and the memorable choruses. These were the things about Slipknot‘s music that managed to get me into them. “AOV” and “The Devil in I” are perfect examples of songs on this album that has all this. I find it interesting that they also used blast beats at many times on the album. The riffs on this album are a lot faster than on the previous efforts, maybe Slipknot aimed to make this album with a little more extreme approach?

Most of the songs on the album sound really good to me, I feel like they fit in great to make a new, original and yet still classic Slipknot album. Some songs though, like “Sceptic” and “Killpop” for example are completely out of touch with the rest of the album and just doesn’t fit in. I believe they could have left these songs out of the album. I also feel like the whole albums production could’ve been done differentely. I have no problem with overall performances, I think they’re great. But at times, the guitars sound a little to quiet in the mix at the same time as the drums sound a little too loud.

Nothing of this really weighs up to what is so good about the album though, all in all it’s a great release and I feel like I’ve found that touch with Slipknot again that I once lost. I think most Slipknot fans will really like this, especially for the fact that it’s very reminding of the debut and “Iowa” as well, yet it’s still an album of its own. This could very well become a new classic for Slipknot fans.

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