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This was my life – 1998

If you wanna read more about the idea and thought with this article series, read the first post HERE. Just to clarify – the order of the albums is not a toplist but instead ordered from A to Z.

1998 was a year that, besides the ones listed below, gave us albums such as: “The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts”, “Stigmata”, “Battle Magic”, “Nightfall in Middle-Earth”, “The Chemical Wedding”, “Vobiscum Satanas”, “High on Blood”, “Godless Savage Garden”, “Vain Glory Opera”, “Amorous Anathema”, “Obsolete”, “Nexus Polaris”, “Chaosphere”, “Formulas Fatal to the Flesh”, “My Arms Your Hearse”, “The Rivalvry”, “Lords of the Nightrealm”, “Twilight in Olympus”, “Disco Destroyer” and “Christcrusher”But as always everything can be found in the Spotify playlist that goes with the article.

Some bands formed in 1998:

  • Freedom Call
  • Peccatum
  • Ram-Zet
  • Rob Zombie
  • The Project Hate MCMXCIX
  • Týr
  • Winds

Some events during 1998:

  • Aerosmith becomes the first rock band to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with the single “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”.
  • Mustis joins Dimmu Borgir on keyboards.
  • Rob Halford of Judas Priest announces his homosexuality in an MTV interview.

MY TOP 10 FOR 1998:

Metal Blade Records
1998 [April 20]

I was a big fan of Chris Barnes-era CC and didn’t really give the Corpsegrinder-CC a fair shot until “Gallery of Suicide” and am I glad that I did. Featuring fantastic hits such as “I Will Kill You”, “Sentenced to Burn” and “Gallery of Suicide”.

Relapse Records
1998 [September 22]

Never really got into The Haunted‘s “aggro-death/thrash metal”, but with Carnal Forge it was another thing. Just listen to the opening title-track, an instant punch in the face from the first second and forward!


Black Mark Production
1998 [-]

Propably the best progressive death metal album of all time! Dan Swanö is and has always been a genius. The melodies, the riffs, the growls and foremost those keyboards. I like Swanö’s own description: “If Rush played death metal in the 1970s”.


Nuclear Blast
1998 [August 31]

With its crispy production, Chuck’s shrieky extra-evil vocals and all in all superb riffs this is indeed a perfect last album from true innovators of the death metal genre. All hail Chuck!! R.I.P.


Avantgarde Music
1998 [September 21]

Blakkheim’z little brainchild (with a hint of D. Zwanö magic) is a great dizplay of Avant-garde Atmozpheric Black Metal. It’z time you re-activate this project, you hear me Mr. Blakkheim!!


Century Media Records
1998 [June 7]

That guitar thrash-shredding hand of Jon Schaffer is like a goddamn metronome of thrash-riffing! Iced Earth simply delivers the best power/thrash metal there is and with “Something Wicked This Way Comes” they unleashed an album that is strong from the beginning to finish.

Avantgarde Music
1998 [April 27]

For me Katatonia‘s change into their style of depressive rock/metal was a beautiful transformation. And even though I still to this day hold “Dance of December Souls” as my favorite album from the band this is indeed my favorite in their “later” era. A perfect album to bring out every autumn along with a nice hot cup of tea.


Woodcut Records
1998 [-]

Initially released as a demotape in 1997, but as Woodcut Records must’ve thought just like me – that this is the best black metal demotape ever released, it was re-released on CD in 1998. Fantastic symphonic black metal from the northern parts of Finland that kicks ass on most other symphonic black metal bands. Sadly such an underrated album…..

Canyon Classics
1998 [January 12]

What is more beautiful and pure awesome than some Yngwie J. Malmsteen melodies and solos? Well, some Yngwie Malmsteen melodies and solos accompanied by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. This is the supermodel of beautiful music, the cheese on your cheeseburger, the cold beer on a sunny summers day and so on…….


Napalm Records
1998 [December 8]

I wanted to include Mr. Vintersorg in this article series and why not do it with the album known as my first run into the band known as Vintersorg. This is some mighty fine sing-a-long viking/folk metal with great melodies and, well a singer that takes some time to get used to. But once that is done there’s lot to enjoy here!


Click on the button above to listen to these albums & the rest of my favorites from 1998.

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