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Abysmal Dawn – “Obsolescence” 2014

 Abysmal Dawn – “Obsolescence”
LABEL: Relapse Records
Death metal
RATING: 8.5 / 10

I really liked Abysmal Dawn’s debut “From Ashes”. It was very technical, but with really strong songs. After that followed two albums that got a bit too technical for my liking.

On their latest offering “Obsolescence”, they have found their way back to the strong songwriting roots of “From Ashes”. And overall this album wins me over with its diversity. You go from hyper speed blast to neck breaking Bolt Thrower groove. The more I listen to this album, the more I like it. And to add to that, Charles Elliott’s voice sound better than ever! And with a perfect production that suits the music perfect, you have a winner.


Review by: JP

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