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Bloodshot Dawn – “Demons” 2014

 Bloodshot Dawn – “Demons”
LABEL: Independent
YEAR: 2014
GENRE: Technical Death Metal
RATING: 10 / 10

I know that Bloodshot Dawn‘s debut album created a buzz a couple of years back, and this spring they used their rapidly expanded fanbase to crowdfund this, their sophomore album. “Demons” is far from an amateur release though. I promise you, it is the real thing.

October and November have already presented us to the technical death of Abysmal Dawn and the crushing death metal of Just Before Dawn. Now it’s time to get acquainted with the dawn that, on paper, should appeal to me the most. Remember, I already gave Abysmal Dawn a 10/10 in the recent Against The Wall, so it shouldn’t be possible for another album to top that. But “Demons” is just such a beast. It’s harsh but still oh, so wonderfully melodic. And, as with the technical death metal annotations, it’s never over the top. It’s never exaggerated. Bloodshot Dawn never let their material become neither weak nor too complex.

I actually haven’t listened to their first album yet. As with Abysmal Dawn‘s “Obsolescence”, I didn’t think it would hold up to the hype preceding it, so I put it aside untouched. Even so, I felt compelled to help fund this album, because the guys made a really sympathetic impression in their campaign. Now, when the finished product has been presented, I find I am glad I did. “Demons” is nothing short of an amazing album. Actually, it’s perfection. It’s the perfect marriage between Mercenary (one of my fav bands) and Arch Enemy (whose “War Eternal” will end up on my 2014 top list) and the sense of melody and accessibility of them both, together with the general sharpness and urgency of any good thrashing death metal band nowadays.

See how the campaign went down on this link:

Review by: MJ

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