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Just Before Dawn – “The Aftermath” 2014

 Just Before Dawn – “The Aftermath”
LABEL: Chaos Records
YEAR: 2014
GENRE: Death Metal
RATING: 7.0 / 10

Just Before Dawn present some solid death metal. It’s of the slower kind. Heavy and rumbling, wheezing and crushing.

Main man Anders Biazzi has, for a second time, en massed a great many guest players and vocalist (probably referred to as performing “vokills”; check out the list for yourself here, and backed them up by an army of buzzing riffs, heavy punches (courtesy of Rogga compadré Brynjar Helgetun) and war site screams.

I had to catch up on the first album by the band, and they are both cast from the same mold. The material is dense, and both albums makes for a great listening session in closed headphones. The only thing wrong with the mix (on “The Aftermath”) is the heavily right-panned cymbal which makes me feel all lopsided when it’s used.

Checking out the list of “Similar Artists” on Metal Archives, you’ll find it’s short, but concise: mentioned are Bolt Thrower, and Hail Of Bullets. Now you understand that there is nothing fresh or modern about the music on this disc. But if slow (and somewhat repetitive) does it for you, “The Aftermath” is as good an homage to the 90’s as it is a clamp across the nuts still in 2014.

Review by: MJ

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