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Obituary – “Inked in Blood” 2014

Obituary – “Inked in blood”
LABEL: Relapse Records
Death metal
RATING: 8 / 10

Right from the start in 1988 Obituary chose to go their own way. Unlike the contemporary bands in the Tampa scene, Obituary’s death metal sounded more like the 80’s hardcore bands, but done in their very own way. And with John Tardy’s very unique vocal style, they made their mark in the world of extreme music.

With nine full length albums under their wings, the band is one of few long time runner that always stuck to their guns. And why change something that sound as good as Obituary. 2014 they sound as good, and they are as vital as they were on their 1989 debut “Slowly We Rot”. The only thing I can really complain about is the extremely plastic sounding kick drum, but I can live with that as the songs are of the highest quality.


Review by: JP

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