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Best Albums of 2014 – BH


ANAAL NATHRAKH – “Desideratum”
[Metal Blade Records]

“The more I listened to this thing (and believe me, I’ve listened to it a lot), I’m just blown away by the sheer hate, songwriting, and just overall quality of the album. It’s always tricky to include elements from electronic music in something like Anaal Nathrakh‘s style, but it’s done perfectly here. One of the best and most hateful albums I’ve ever heard. “The One Thing Needful” is possibly the best song I’ve heard in years.”


BEHEMOTH – “The Satanist”
[Nuclear Blast]

“I enjoyed this album all year from the very first listen. Everything from the expertly crafted songs to that glorious bass sound combines to create one of the most memorable and most overall solid albums of the last few years. At least four of the tracks on this one are undeniable blackened death metal hits.”


VANHELGD – “Relics of Sulphur Salvation”
[Pulverised Records]

“Here’s a band that came out of nowhere to earn my absolute adoration this year. “Relics” is dark, ugly, and absolutely filthy, and it’s also a perfect example of how to create dirge-y, doom-y Swedish death metal.”


CANNIBAL CORPSE – “A Skeletal Domain”
[Metal Blade Records]

“This band can’t possibly release a bad album, and most of their stuff tends to blend together, but something about this one sets it apart. The production is perfect and the songwriting is just beautifully groovy this time around.”


[Candlelight Records]

“I loved Xerath‘s first album, but the second one lost me. As it would turn out, the third album blew me away from the get go. Yes, a lot of the songs sound like Devin Townsend and it’s all very synthesized, but the music is also really catchy and impressively constructed.”


OBITUARY – “Inked in Blood”
[Relapse Records]

“I had very low expectations for this album. After all, I hadn’t enjoyed a single Obituary album since “World Demise” from 1994. However, the combination of loads of killer riffs, a killer new vocal sound, and a killer bass sound has revitalized these old dudes in a major way, at least for now. Lots of catchy tunes on this one.”


ABYSMAL DAWN – “Obsolescence”
[Sel released]

Abysmal Dawn is basically an American death metal groove machine. “Obsolescence” is maybe not quite as good as some of their previous efforts, but there are many moments on here that leave you no choice but to get up and bang your head.”


DEAD CONGREGATION – “Promulgation of the Fall”
[Martyrdoom Productions]

“Greek death metal in the vein of Incantation never really sounded like my cup of tea, but the atmosphere that Dead Congregation conjures up convinced me to keep coming back to this album all year.”


DARK FORTRESS – “Venereal Dawn”
[Daemon Worship Productions]

“This is a much deeper album than anything Dark Fortress has ever released before. It really takes a few spins to discover the beauty within, but once it gets its hooks into you, you realize what a well written piece of black metal this is.”


RIBSPREADER – “Meathymns”
[Vic Records]

“I always love listening to Rogga Johansson’s various projects. I spun “Meathyms” pretty often this year with its never-ending supply of groovy, brutal riffs and lovely production. I can’t wait to see what the guy’s got in store for 2015. I know he’s working on something.”

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Bloodbath, Entombed A.D., Kriegsmaschine, Sectu, Vader

Article by: BH

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