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Best Albums of 2014 – JP

First out this year with a “Best of…”-list is JP, and boy does he love his metal of death. Expect a new list every day between the 24th to 31st of December. //TK

Every year I make a best of the year top 10 list. And every year I struggle to fit only 10 bands on there. And yes, this year is no exception. So in addition to my top 10, I will list 40 extra albums that just as well deserve a spot on the top 10.

In a year where some of the best bands in the history of music re-released some of their most iconic releases. I have enjoyed loads of great music. And as every year my playlist is dominated by death metal, crust punk and grindcore.

BEHEMOTH – “The Satanist”
[Nuclear Blast]

“What a band, what an album. Going back to the sound of “Pandemonic Incantations”, and with that creating yet another massive album.”


BOMBS OF HADES – “Atomic Temples”
[War Anthem Records]

“There is no secret that I love crust punk and d-beat in general. Bombs of Hades manages to mix their death metal with raw and nasty crust punk.”


PUTERAEON – “The Crawling Chaos”
[Cyclone Empire]

“If death metal is your thing, get this album at once! One of my top favourites all year.”


VANHELGD – “Relics of Sulphur Salvation”
[Pulverised Records]

“This albums sounds like it was made in a deep dark abyss. Old school death metal that is almost suffocating.”


MARTYRDÖD – “Elddop”
[Southern Lord]

“One of the best crust bands active today. Playing an almost cinematic version of crust, Martyrdöd as always walks their own path.”


GLUTTONY – “Beyond the Veil of Flesh”
[Vic Records]

“Swedish death metal a la Carnage, Entombed and Dismember. You can never go wrong with that.”


BLOODBATH – “Grand Morbid Funeral”
[Peaceville Records]

“A lot of people are complaining about the vocals. I think it sounds great. It is dirty and nasty, just as the music. And what a production, simply perfect.”

REVEL IN FLESH – “Death Kult Legions”
[Cyclone Empire]

“Revel in flesh is the best German death metal band. This is an amazing display of genuine old school death metal.”


RIBSPREADER – “Meathymns”
[Vic Records]

“One of Sweden’s finest are back with their best album to date.”


VAMPIRE – “Vampire”
[Century Media Records]

“Listening to this album is like being a kid in a candy store. A mix of all the best when it comes to old school extreme music.”


As mentioned, the remaining 40 spots are just as much worthy of a spot on the 10 top.

  1. Just before dawn – “The Aftermath” (Death metal)

It might seem a bit pretentious to add a band you are involved with. However I don’t play or sing on the album, and it is a damn good album, so it stays.

  1. Mordbrand – “Imago” (Death metal)

One more Swedish death metal band dedicated to the old school filth to join the ranks of this year’s list. Amazingly nasty and filthy death metal from members of God Macabre.

  1. Autopsy – “Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves” (Death metal)

Death metal’s original masters of sick and nasty death are back, and as always it’s a killer release.

  1. Anaal Nathrakh – “Desideratum” (Black/Industrial/Grind)

AN is a band that always keeps pushing the boundaries of extreme metal. They are brave, and it pays off.

  1. Benighted – “Carnivore Sublime” (Grind/Death)

This band grows and grows for every record they put out. Grinding death metal played the way it should.

  1. Centinex – “Redeeming Filth” (Death metal)

What a comeback! Neck breaking heavy and groove infused death metal from old timers Centinex.

  1. Deserted fear – “Kingdom of Worms” (Death metal)

Second album from one of the best German death metal bands.

  1. Doom VS – “Earthless” (Death/Doom)

Earthshattering heavy! This one man band is like a thick black fog that no one will escape.

  1. Fukpig – “This World Is Weakening” (Black/Crust)

Crust with a taste of grind, featuring Anaal Nathrakh members.

  1. Horned Almighty – “World of Tombs” (Death/Black)

A worthy follow up to 2010 “Necro Spirituals”. Darkened old school death metal

  1. Lantlos – “Melting Sun” (Epic)

I would label this album as big, beautiful music. I am beyond mesmerized

  1. Massacre – “Back from beyond” (Death metal)

They are back indeed. And with a bang, what a strong release. It has everything you’d expect from Massacre besides Kam Lee’s vocals. But I can live with that.

  1. Miasmal – “Cursed Redeemer” (Death/crust)

You can tell that this band contains members of Martyrdöd. This is the perfect marriage between crust and old Swedish death metal

  1. Misery index – “The Killing Gods” (Death/Grind)

One more band that goes from clarity to clarity. Grind infused death metal at its best.

  1. Nightbringer – “Ego Dominus Tuus” (Black/Death)

This album completely floored me. This is dark and almost suffocating black metal.

  1. Novembers doom – “Bled White” (Death/Doom)

An album that successfully goes from being big and ugly, to nice and beautiful sounding and back again. The transitions are perfect, and you feel spellbound.

  1. Primordial – “Where Greater Men Have Fallen” (Epic)

Second album on the list that would fall under big beautiful music. The emotions run high with every Primordial album.

  1. Septic Flesh – “Titan” (Symphonic death metal)

This band has written some of the most epic choruses I’ve ever heard. Just listen to “Communion” from the album with the same name. However to me their style of stop and start metal has always made me conflicted. I’m loving the song one second, and the next wondering what the hell is going on. On “Titan” that have managed to cure all those faults, and won me over from start to finish.

  1. Trap them – “Blissfucker” (Grindcore)

Continuing on the legacy of Scandinavian grindcore bands and more so the Finnish bands (Rotten Sound, Deathbound among others), using the HM-2 distortion pedal (made famous by Sunlight Studio when recording early Entombed and Dismember albums) Trap them manages to take the sound and make something that is their own.

  1. Vader – “Tibi et Igni” (Death metal)

Step by step Vader is getting back to the genius that is “Lithany”. Not quite there, but almost.

  1. Vallenfyre – “Splinters” (Death/Doom)

For some reason I never liked their first album, but after listening this brilliant album, I’ve changed my mind. Both are extremely good.

  1. Kriegsmaschine – “Enemy of Man” (Black metal)

Slow and dragging black metal is usually not my cup of tea. But when it’s done the Kriegsmaschine way, I love it.

  1. Decomposed – “Devouring” (Death metal)

Newcomers that impressed me big time. And from my hometown nevertheless.

  1. Triptykon – “Melana Chasmata” (Dark/Doom)

This album shows what a good reverb can do to lift a production. You still need strong songs to bring it home, and with “Melana Chasmata” Triptykon brings it all the way home.

  1. Dead Congregation – “Promulgation of the Fall” (Death metal)

One more old school death metal band on my list. However this time we are looking at bands like Morbid Angel and Immolation rather than the Scandinavian scene.

  1. Hour of Penance – “Regicide” (Death metal)

Over the last years the best technical death metal bands seems to come from Italy. Hour of Penance has been around for some time now, and get better and better by every album.

  1. Sectu – “Nefarious” (Death metal)

One of Sweden’s best tech death bands. Not only musicianship with top quality, but strong solid songs as well.

  1. Sólstafir – “Ótta” (Epic)

Album number three on the list that folds under the list of truly epic bands. Massive landscapes that makes you wish you were in Reykjavík drinking mead.

  1. Fallujah – “The Flesh Prevails” (Death metal)

This band manages to make music that feels like it’s flowing like water. And yet so brutal and aggressive.

  1. Agents Of Abhorrence – “Relief” (Grincore)

High speed grindcore at its best.

  1. Hideous Divinity – “Cobra Verde” (Death metal)

One more Italian tech death band to make the list. Hideous Divinity flavours their tech death with a dark atmosphere, and great dynamics.

  1. Suffering Quota – “Suffering Quota” (Grindcore)

Old school grind. For any fan of Napalm death.

  1. Abaddon Incarnate – “Pessimist” (Grindcore)

Ireland’s best grindcore pluton Abaddon Incarnate does it again, and as always high quality grind is to be expected.

  1. Brutally Deceased – “Black Infernal Vortex” (Death metal)

What a year for the HM-2 distortion. Not since the birth of Swedish death metal has it been used in such a good way.

  1. Crucifyre – “Black Magic Fire” (Death metal)

Bathory worship at its best.

  1. Loudblast – “Burial Ground” (Death metal)

This album took me of guard, such a diverse album, Loudblast finally found their form.

  1. Seprevation – “Consumed” (Death metal)

UK’s best old school worshipers.

  1. Exodus – “Blood In, Blood Out” (Thrash metal)

Best Exodus album since “Tempo of the damned”. I’ve missed Steve Souza, what a comeback.

  1. Obituary – “Inked in Blood” (Death metal)

Here is a band that never followed any trends, and always walked their own path. Why fix something that isn’t broken.

  1. Abysmal Dawn – “Obsolescence” (Death metal)

It seems like Abysmal Dawn have been trying to find their own sound. From moderate tech death to over technical back to a perfect balance. “Obsolescence” has everything that makes a great tech death album.

Article by: JP

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