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Best Albums of 2014 – MJ


DARK FORTRESS – “Venereal Dawn”
[Century Media Records]

“Once again I made a fool of myself for not knowing about a band. Dark Fortress floored me at once with their melodic black metal, and “Veneral Dawn” has been a 10/10 since the first notes.”



“I wanted to help out a band by pitching in to their crowdfunding for a second album. When I received it, I got blown away because I didn’t have any expectations. Even so, “Demons” stands out among the best albums this year.”


ABYSMAL DAWN – “Obsolescence”
[Relapse Records]

“Technical death metal that isn’t too technical. I really did a mistake in not picking this one up earlier. Even the bonus Dissection cover is fan-fucking-tastic.”


ARCH ENEMY – “War Eternal”
[Century Media Records]

Arch Enemy finally presents an album with enough force to break through the void of only-good. “War Eternal” is great. It’s awesome. It’s near perfection.”


VINTERSORG – “Naturbål”
[Napalm Records]

“I wrote a really incoherent text on this album for an Against The Wall, and didn’t give it a top score then. But this is, without doubt, the one album this year that has stuck with me the most.”


DOOM:VS – “Earthless”
[Solitude Productions]

“The “Tunnel Of No Light” of 2014 (October Tide‘s album was one of the best albums in 2013). Wondrous melodic doom/death metal.”


ANAAL NATHRAKH – “Desideratum”
[Metal Blade Records]

“The best Anaal Nathrakh so far. It continued to grow after the deadline of the November edition of Against the Wall, and now it has reached “Top 10″ status.”


VANISHING POINT – “Distant is the Sun”
[AFM Records]

Vanishing Point and Falconer (whose “Black Moon Rising” is located just outside this top list) are two melodic metal bands (heavy/power) that I still am interested in since earlier years. With “Distant Is The Sun”, the Aussies proved just how strong they are.”


[Season of Mist]

“Catchy. Epic. “Titan” was not built in a day.”


FALCONER – “Black Moon Rising”
[Meta Blade Records]

“My soft spot for Falconer (with Matthias Blad on vocals) is like the fontanelle of a million newborn babies combined into one.”

Honorable Mention: 


“Not metal, but still one of the most metal albums in 2014.”


SATARIEL – “White Ink: Chapter One”

“After nine fucking years, Satariel finally sees it fit to release a third of their new album!”


SOCKWEB – “Werewolf”
[Monolithic Records]

Sockweb is a fun father/daughter project that manages to entertain during the course of the album.”

Disappointment of the year: 

[Season of Mist]

“”Portal Of I” was brilliant. “Citadel” might grow into something decent, but it’s still just a big disappointment.”

Mattias Janebrink
Article by: MJ

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