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Best Albums of 2014 – MS


MORTUUS – “Grape of the Wine”
[The Ajna Offensive]

“Well Mortuus has been one of my absolute favourite bands ever since I first heard their first album “De Contemplanda Morte”, the atmosphere that they create is exactly what I search for when listening to Black Metal. “Grape of the Wine” continues where they left off, but making it just a tad bit more accessible, and not in a bad way. This record is sinister, gloomy and extremely well played, what more can you ask for?”


[Season of Mist]

“Stunningly beautiful in its ugliness just like its predecessors, “Ótta” is carrying on the legacy of Iceland’s finest music export. Although you can hardly call their music Black Metal anymore, it still paints similar images of cold desolation and ageless landscapes.”


BEHEMOTH – “The Satanist”
[Nuclear Blast]

“To be honest I have been rather bored with Behemoth for the past 7 or so years, and when the title for this record was released I was just about to write it off before I even heard it. But I’m glad I didn’t, in my opinion this is the best album Behemoth has released, with a near perfect blend of Black Metal thematics and Death Metal ferociousness.”


NASHEIM – “Solens Vemod”
[Northern Silence Productions]

“It finally arrived, the debut album of Nasheim. I really enjoyed the demos and the split with Angantyr, and it took its sweet time 7 years to be exact, between the split and the album. Is anything ever worth the wait? Who knows, but this is some good music, well worth it for fans of atmospheric black metal.”


STILLA – “Ensamhetens Andar”
[Nordvis Produktion]

“The past year or so there has been quite a few albums released by the small label Nordvis Produktion, and to be honest I have had a hard time giving them any slack because of the hype they have received in some circles. But “Ensamhetens Andar” is honestly a good record, that I would recommend you to check out.”


KALL – “Kall”

“As Lifelover disbanded when guitarist and main composer B died back in 2011, Kall rose from what was left of the band. This is the first full length album, self released in 500 copies, and for fans of Lifelover this should be right up your alley.”


MAYHEM – “Esoteric Warfare”
[Season of Mist]

“What to say, what to say? Mayhem is Mayhem, and they have never really sounded the same from one release to the other. After the death of Euronymous 21 years ago, their music has been composed by Blasphemer. But he left the band after “Ordo ad Chao”, and the new guitarist Teloch has stepped up to the plate and created some of the best riffs I’ve heard from Mayhem since “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”.”


NEFANDUS – “Reality Cleaver”
[Daemon Worship Productions]

“This album sounds somewhat like the blend of the last to releases from Nefandus “Death Holy Death” and “Your God is a Ghost” , and this time around they have utilized a few guests to write some of the lyrics, which really gives the lyrical content a good diversity while still being geared toward occult themes.”


SARGEIST – “Feeding the Crawling Shadows”
[World Terror Committee]

“This album kind of sneaked up on me, I totally missed that it were coming out and it took a few months before I even heard it. Still a stellar release with a really raw production and all you can expect from one of the best Finnish bands out there.”


VAMPIRE – “Vampire”
[Century Media Records]

“While bands such as Tribulation, Morbus Chron etc has done a great job resurrecting the sound of Swedish Death Metal, Vampire takes it back to the sound before that with a thrashier sound. It reminds me to some extent of early Death. I was blown away by the demo when it came out, this is not as mind-blowing but still the best Death Metal album of the year.

 HONORABLE MENTIONS: Abigor – Leytmotif Luzifer,  Ascension – The Dead of the World, Fides Inversa – Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans

Article by: MS

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