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Best Albums of 2014 – WN


[Century Media Records]

“Intoxicating and odd psychedelic old school death metal that sounds like a forgotten jewel rescued from the early nineties. Also, the best DM vocals I´ve heard in a long time. More than enough to take the No. 1 spot on my list this year.”


ADEBISI SHANK – “This Is The Third Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank”
[Sargent House]

“Imagine a hyper intelligent, virtuoso chimpanzee with ADD that just did a mountain of cocaine and got gifted a lifetime supply of bananas. Then give him access to a studio. That’s kinda how Adebisi Shank sounds to me. I know, that doesn’t make any sense and neither does their music but that doesn’t make it any less brilliant. Also…bass! “

[Candlelight Records]

“Sorry Devin, Xerath released the better Devin album this year…and then some! “III” is a highly ambitious album that seems to suceed in every aspect. Very impressive stuff lads!”


NASHEIM – “Solens Vemod”
[Northern Silence Productions]

“One courageous Swede released my favourite black metal album of the year. Contemplative, melancholic and very personal, “Solens Vemod” is the triumph of individuality.”


PALLBEARER – “Foundations of Burden”
[Profound Lore Records]

“I was sold on “Foundations of Burden” within the first 40 seconds. Pallbearer offers everything I want in a modern doom metal band and still manage to sound tremendously classic without being formulaic”


OPETH – “Pale Communion”
[Roadrunner Records]

Opeth released a brilliant prog rock album this year, deal with it. Mikael Åkerfeldt is doing what he loves and it shows.”


PERTURBATOR – “Dangerous Days”
[Blood Music]

“Blood Music´s high stake gamble paid off big time this year. “Dangerous Days” is as good as retro synth music is gonna get if you grew up watching science fiction and playing low-res video games. If you also love metal then that´s a plus because this stuff is heavy too.”


FLYING LOTUS – “You’re Dead”

“Futuristic, cinematic and avant-garde free form hiphop jazz sounds like a guaranteed migraine but Flying Lotus clearly knew what he was doing. Bold album to say the least.”


ALCEST – “Shelter”
[Prophecy Productions]

“Shelter is an easy listening experience, everything about it is harmonious, ethereal and gentle to the ear. The perfect summer soundtrack for both sunny mornings and rainy afternoons.”

SCAR SYMMETRY – “The Singularity”
[Nuclear Blast]

Scar Symmetry delivered one of the most on point progressive death metal albums I´ve heard in a long time. Brilliant songwriting, great execution and huge hooks give “The Singularity” a big replay value in my books. “

Disappointments of the year:  

REVOCATION – “Deathless”
[Metal Blade Records]

“”Revocation” didn’t do much for me and I was hoping that “Deathless” would give me another dose of the Revocation that I love. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but “Deathless” still qualified a notch above most releases in the genre. “

[Season of Mist]

“The expectations were so high on this one that it was almost inevitable to be disappointed. Ne Obliviscaris decided to step up to the challenge and took the “more is more” route. Unfortunately it seems that ”Citadel” tries to be so huge that forgot the great songwriting that made “Portal of I” flow so well.”

Honorable Mentions:

Chon – “Woohoo! EP” |  Sólstafír – “Ótta” |  Septic Flesh – “Titan” | At The Gates – “At War With Reality” | Behemoth – “The Satanist” | Iron Reagan – “The Tyranny of Will” | Aphex Twin – “Syro” | Toehider – “What Kind of Creature Am I?” | Jack White – “Lazaretto” | Decapitated – “Blood Mantra”

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