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This was my life 1999

If you wanna read more about the idea and thought with this article series, read the first post HERE. Just to clarify – the order of the albums is not a toplist but instead ordered from A to Z.

1999, the end of the greatest decade ever when it comes to music. And even though 1999 managed to put out some great releases I still had the biggest struggle so far to put together this top 10 list, which in retrospect also is the biggest reason to the late publishing of this article that also works as the last in this series until I start with 2000 in January 2015. So, what are some of the releases (besides the list below) worth mentioning? Here we go: “Pale Folklore”, “The Avenger”, “Tuonela”, “Bloodthirst”, “Hatebreeder”, “IX Equilibrium”, “Hypocrisy”, “Panzer Division”, “Sagovindars boning”, “9” and moreBut as always everything can be found in the Spotify playlist that goes with the article.

Some bands formed in 1999:

  • Bloodbath
  • DragonForce
  • Falconer
  • Kalmah
  • Mastodon
  • Sabaton

Some events during 1999:

  • Singer Blaze Bayley leaves Iron Maiden, while Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith re-join.
  • ICS Vortex joins Dimmu Borgir on bass/backing vocals. Drummer Nicholas Barker leaves Cradle Of Filth and joins as well.

MY TOP 10 FOR 1999:

Avantgarde Music
1999 [October 25]

“Satanica” is the album that became the starting point of the sound that Behemoth still today stick to. “Decade of Therion” is still one of the best songs from these crazy Polacks.


Nuclear Blast
1999 [May 13]

Chuck took the Death sound and twisted it up with some progressive shit = greatness! The only bad thing really is that we never got a follow up to this album.


Spikefarm Records
1999 [-]

Finntroll came as a somewhat fresh breath of air with their humppa/folk inspired black metal. All of a sudden the accordian felt like a natural part of folk/black metal. Perkele!!


Osmose Productions
1999 [February 28]

After “Blizzard Beats”, that mainly failed a bit due to its production, “At the Heart of Winter” felt epic and grand with its songs ranging between 6 and 9 minutes.


NOTRE DAME – ”VOL 1: Le Théâtre Du Vampire”
Osmose Productions
1999 [October 31]

This was my first glimpse into the bizarre brain of Snowy Shaw besides his role as King Diamond/Mercyful Fate drummer and I loved it from the start!


Peaceville Records
1999 [October 18]

This album is featured out of a couple of reasons. Partly becouse I had troubles finding a 10th album for this list, partly becouse I really wanted to add Opeth into theses lists, but mainly due to the fact that it is a GREAT and diverse album that showcases what Opeth once was all about.

Nuclear Blast
1999 [May 17]

Having grown up with classics such as “Speak English or Die” and the “Live at Budokan” (still featuring the most epic stage dive ever by Billy Milano on a speaker) I welcomed “Bigger than the Devil” with open arms. Just take a listen to a track like “Celtic Frosted Flakes”, brilliance!


Avantgarde Music
1999 [September 24]

I dare you to name one other black metal band that gets away with chorus-lines such as “Coco Chanel – welcome to hell, Let me out of my prison cell” or “White man came across the sea to change my under-developed diaper, white man came across the sea to wipe my ass with tabloid paper”.

Spinefarm Records
1999 [September 4]

I might not be as big of a Power metal fan nowadays but I still find Sonata Arctica‘s “Ecliptica” to be one of the albums that I turn on when I what a dose of guitar/keyboard shredding metal of power. The Finglish vocals comes as a funny bonus.




Necropolis Records
1999 [October 27]

Pure underrated Swedish black metal darkness courtesy of Tena (Malign) and Arioch (Funeral Mist, Marduk). Should be in every black metal fans record collection.


Click on the button above or player below to listen to these albums & the rest of my list from 1999.

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