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Keep of Kalessin – “Epistemology” 2015

 Keep of Kalessin – “Epistemology”
LABEL: Indie Recordings
Melodic Black/Death Metal
RATING: 7.0 / 10

I was a bit worried how the vocal parts would sound after Thebon’s departure. There was no need for that as Obsidian Claw picked up the vocal duty with perfection. The music on “Epistemology” moves somewhere between “Kolossus” and “Reptilian”. This is a band that dares to take new paths over and over, and even if it might not work all the way sometimes, when it does, it is well worth it.

Over all this is a really strong album, and has eradicated all the flaws of “Reptilian”. We are talking about epic almost cinematic music that moves between the worlds of death and black metal, and at no point do they take it too far and fall into the power metal swamp as so many others trying this combination. The production is bang on the money, and suits the music perfectly. Another thing I notice, is by each spin the album grows. With all the details infused in the songs, there is more to find on each listen. The only thing that falls a bit for me is the length in some of the songs. They tend to become slightly repetitive. Other than that, another strong album from this brave Norwegian outfit.

Review by: JP

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