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MJ’s “January 2015 round-up”

This is a simple round-up of the few albums that have reached my playlist in January, excluding those I simply listen to alphabetically for personal grading purposes. These albums gets a simple 1-5 score, in integer increments, where 5 means “favorite” and not “perfection”.

Tad Morose –  “Revenant” (Despotz Records) 2013
I kept waiting for this album after “Modus Vivendi” (2003), but it never came. Tad Morose have always been a bit heavier than your regular power metal band, especially in the vocal department. A couple of members have changed since last time, one of them being the singer (Urban Breed, replaced by Ronny Hemlin), which made me a bit worried that the Tad Morose I like would be gone. Well, they sound a bit different, but still great! How bad of me to miss out on this for over a year. 4/5


Engel – “Raven Kings” (Gain) 2015
Engel didn’t reach Top 10 status last year with “Raven Kings” but it’s still a great album. “Fading Light” and “Hollow Soul” were two of my favorite songs in 2014. 5/5

Sinister – “The Post-apocalyptic Servant” (Massacre Records) 2014
After “discovering” the band with this album on an Against the Wall I had to get a hold of it and their back catalogue. I am still missing a few pieces, but the 1990-2010 box set helped me well on the way. 5/5


Cnoc An Tursa – “The Giants of Auld” (Candlelight Records) 2013
I bought this album as a present for a friend because it looked interesting, sounded interesting and was cheap. I picked up a digital version for myself, and I must say that “The Giants Of Auld” is a really pleasant audial experience in the folk/black metal genre. 5/5


Seance – “Fornever Laid To Rest” (Black Mark Production) 1992
This is a heck-of-a difficult album to find a physical copy of, at a reasonable price. I hunted it a few years back but I didn’t succeed. Now I had to fold and pick it up in digital form just to experience it for real. 3/5


Seance – “Saltrubbed Eyes” (Black Mark Production) 1993
Anyone who read (past tense) Global Domination regularly know that “Saltrubbed Eyes” is supposed to have The(!) benchmark bass sound in death metal. Now that I finally have had time to experience it for myself, I cannot do anything else but agree. It’s cool as hell. At least the album is way more original than its predecessor. 4/5


Armageddon – “Captivity & Devourment” (Listenable Records) 2015
Armageddon is an interesting band. Back in the 90’s they released their debut, a melodic death metal record, with some very memorable stuff. On album number two and three, however, they totally changed sound to something more heavy metal/progressive sounding, with clean vocals. Both good albums too, but I still preferred the melodic death metal sound of the debut when thinking of Armageddon. “Captivity & Devourment” makes a return to that sound, but C. Amott (no longer of Arch Enemy) have kicked off 2015 in a lingering kind of way. 3/5

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