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Thrown to the Sun – “Out of Themselves Things Will Come” 2014

 Thrown to the Sun – “Out of Themselves Things Will Come”
LABEL: Independent
YEAR: 2014
GENRE: Death Metal
RATING: 8.5 / 10

Thrown to the Sun is a pretty obscure (for now), but killer progressive death metal band from Istanbul that I stumbled upon somehow a few years ago, and I’m really happy I did. Their 2011 debut, “Of Oceans and Raindrops” was a fascinating album from start to finish that I fell in love with almost immediately upon hearing it. When I recently learned that the guys had released a follow-up album, I eagerly went and purchased it, hoping for another dose of masterfully written proggy death metal.They definitely did not disappoint. From the beginning, Thrown to the Sun offers the beautiful balance of groovy riffs and exciting song structures that can keep you on the edge of your seat listen after listen. The guitar solos, while not mind-blowingly fast or anything, enhance tracks and seem to tell a story, which complements the band’s sound perfectly.

From a production standpoint, much like their debut, the album sound terrific for an independent release. Levels are very logical and the mix allows for every instrument to have its time in the spotlight while allowing the songs to breathe. While I would definitely call this death metal, I think the last word I would ever use to describe their sound is brutal. Huge, crushing, and evil riffs are just not what these guys do. Instead, Thrown to the Sun use death metal as way of creating a beautiful method of musical storytelling, and it’s simply superb.

If you’ve never heard this band before, and the odds are you haven’t, you should check this album out. They’re very good at what they do. If death metal with a touch of progressive metal sounds appealing to you, try Thrown to the Sun. You won’t be disappointed. Do I like this album as much as their debut? Well, no. That album holds a special place in my cold, soulless heart. However, this album is really, really good.

Review by: BH

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