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MJ’s “February 2015 round-up”

This is a simple round-up of the few albums that have reached my playlist the latest month.

Abscession-Grave_Offerings-2015Abscession “Grave Offerings” (Final Gate Records)
I found out about this band before their first demo on the official Dan Swanö forum. I think the guys that recorded the first songs were all active there. Now they have a record contract and have released their first full-length The Addams Family/Edvard Grieg “In The Hall Of The Mountain King” style death metal album. 5.5/10

AgesAges “The Malefic Miasma” (single)
Finally some new music from Ages (now called “A.G.E.S.”?). This is the title track off their first album, coming on April 24th. I don’t find it moving me as deeply as their first three songs (all present on the album), but it’s true to their previously laid path, so I have not been scared away from the coming full-length. 7.0/10

Nox_Vorage-Nuremberg_1561-2015Nox Vorago “Nuremberg 1561” 
I spent an alcohol induced evening together with the keyboardist of the band in December, and he got on a rambling mood when Fleshgod Apocalypse started playing on the stereo. He spent at least 15 minutes bashing the band, and I tried to defend them, because I like FA, and kind of wanted to press the guy’s button, but he was adamant. The one band he instead named as quality composers was Septicflesh. Now, with this new single, it’s easy to hear these Greek influences. 7.0/10

The Order Of Apollyon-The_Sword_and_the_Dagger-2015The Order Of Apollyon “The Sword And The Dagger” (Listenable Records)
This album is being advertised as black/death metal, but at times I hear some “post” influences as well. “The Sword And The Dagger” is the French band’s second album, and a good one at that. Well, the intro is horrible, the (unnecessary) outro is of the stupid kind (hidden after a minute silence on the last track), and there’s also a “midtro” on the album. In short, I abhor the instrumentals, but the blasting is way nice. 7.0/10

Watain-Sworn_to_the_Dark-No_Return-2007Watain “Sworn To The Dark” (Season of Mist)
The title track is amazing. The album is monumental. I am hard pressed to find a winner out of this album and Marduk’s “Frontschwein”, recently reviewed. 9.5/10

Mattias Janebrink
Article by: MJ

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