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Lectern – “Fratricidal Concelebration” 2015

 Lectern – “Fratricidal Concelebration”
LABEL: Sliptrick Records
YEAR: 2015
GENRE: Death Metal
RATING: 7.0 / 10

After three EP’s spread out over the course of 15 years, Lectern finally got to release a full-length album. Vocalist slash bass player Fabio Bava has remained in the band since the beginning, but I suspect no dictatorship problems. “Fratricidal Concelebration” is a cohesive product.

The band hails from the capital of Italy (Rome, if you didn’t know it) and the information says that they play death metal with satanic lyrics. The bit about the lyrics is probably true, but the music is more than “just” death metal. It’s thrashy, and very progressive in the sense that there are lots of tempo changes. The latter makes the album less than ideal for straight-up headbanging, but it really keeps things interesting. The one band I come to think of when listening to Lectern, is Atheist. And I daresay that if you like the first couple of Atheist albums, you will probably like “Fratricidal Concelebration”, even though there are differences: blasting, deeper vocals and, of course, no Roger Patterson.

Check it out!

Review by: MJ

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