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MJ’s “March 2015 round-up”

This is a simple round-up of the few albums/songs that have reached my playlist during the latest month.

Archaea “Catalyst” (album, 2015)
I get some Skyfire-vibes, and after listening to the album a few times I have found that I prefer the harmonic/melodic parts to the groovier ones. Last track “Sol” is the best closer on an album ever!  7.0/10

Dark Funeral “Nail Them To The Cross” (single, 2015)
Two tasty new treats from the camp of Dark Funeral. What could go wrong? 9.5/10

Exgenesis “Aphotic Veil” (EP, 2015) 
2013 was the year of October Tide.* 2014 was the year of Doom:VS.* 2015 will be the year of Exgenesis.* 10/10
* As far as melodic doom/death goes. 10/10

Keep Of Kalessin “Epistemology” (album, 2015)
At first, this album was one of the biggest disappointments in the history of me listening to music, but I have forced myself to listen to it again and again. I have forced myself to like it. I’m sure that anyone in my age or older have done this with records in the past. I still want to hate on the TOTALLY FUCKING POINTLESS instrumental intro though. 8.0/10

Khors “Following the Ways of Blood” (from the upcoming album “Night Falls Onto The Fronts Of Ours” 2015)
I have a real soft spot for Khors‘s album “Wisdom Of Centuries” but I didn’t know there was new material coming. This bodes well. Melodic black metal to compete with Ages. 8.5/10

Mariette “Don’t Stop Believing” (single, 2015)
This was, in my mind, the best song in the line-up besides “Heroes” in Melodifestivalen. It’s similar to Loreen‘s “Euphoria” that won in Europe in 2012. 9.0/10

Måns Zelmerlöw “Heroes” (single, 2015)
The winner of the Swedish qualifications for the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the favorite to win before the competition, and did so rightly with great margins. A cool pop song. 9.5/10

Mattias Janebrink
Article by: MJ

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  1. deospesmea says:

    Too bad that “Heroes” sounds just like “The Nights” by Avicii/Nicholas Furlong

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