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Leprous – “The Congregation” 2015

 Leprous – “The Congregation”
LABEL: InsideOut Music
YEAR: 2015
GENRE: Progressive Metal
RATING: 10 / 10

If anyone reading this have been visiting Deathdomain frequently from the beginning, I’m sure they have seen me mention the last Leprous album, “Coal”, and my subsequent praise. It was our boss TK that shared a song from that album when it was fresh. I liked it, and when I played the album for the June 2013 edition of Against the Wall there was no doubt that it would end up on my Top 10 of 2013. The result is here: MJ’s Top 10, 2013.

Now, this Norwegian group is back with “The Congregation”. An album that refines the sound of “Coal”. To me, they have actually managed to pick out all the best things about their last album and concentrated that sound. “The Congregation” is anything but straightforward, but there is a palpable drive in every song, even though there’s not much metal on here. This is a borderline pop/rock album (my experience with Muse is limited to their “Origin of Symmetry”, but I hear evident similarities there), and as such it is not meant to pressure it’s listener by being heavy. The heaviness comes instead from its lyrical content. Vocalist Einar Solberg has said*: “Lyrically, ‘The Congregation’ covers the dangers and consequences of blindly following the flow,” which explains the title. I’m not one that gets hung up on lyrics, and I have not been able to read them yet, so for me this album is neither sad nor “scary”. It’s just purely beautiful.

I am writing this review pretty early, so I don’t know how well the album is going to hold out in the long run, but at the moment “The Congregation” exceeds even “Coal” and then I feel obligated to give out the perfect score. I sincerely hope that this album, and any potential new releases from the band, will keep on moving me so deeply by just being so colorful.

* Source: Blabbermouth

Review by: MJ

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