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MJ’s “April 2015 round-up”

This is a simple round-up of the few albums/songs that have reached my playlist during the latest month.

Ages “The Malefic Miasma” (album, 2015)
This album arrived late this month, but I have waited for it even longer. I was worried that the fact that I have listened to three of the tracks since October 2013, and the title track for a couple of months, would somehow become an issue, and the other tracks wouldn’t feel connected to those first, but what an awesome birthday present this turned out to be! Sorry for the long sentence.
Just buy the album already! 10/100

Irreversible Mechanism – “Infinite Fields” (album, 2015)
Belarus shines with this new tech death outfit. “Infinite Fields” shows off some wankery, but in all it’s also a solid album. 7.5/10

Khors – “Night Falls Onto The Fronts Of Ours” (album, 2015) 
And here it is! I wrote about the taster I got off the album in last month’s round-up, and the full-length has not disappointed me. Fortunately, I got some time with the album before Ages swept in and stole the show. 9.0/10

Loch Vostok – “From These Waters” (album, 2015)
I gave Loch Vostok‘s debut a score of 10/10 on another site when it was fresh, but I lost interest already on their second album. Now I felt it was time to give their new, sixth, a chance. With repeat listening I have come to like it quite a bit. 8.5/10

Satanic Warmaster – “Fimbulwinter” (album, 2014)
I have listened to the album over and over and I still haven’t gotten a grasp of the separate songs, but as an album “Fimbulwinter” is purely amazing. 9.5/10

Shed The Skin – “Rebirth Through Brimstone” (EP, 2014)
A taste of what’s to come from this new American band. “Rebirth Through Brimstone” is only two tracks, but they are chock-full of lead covered death metal. 6.5/10

Sulphur Aeon – “Gateway To The Antisphere” (album, 2015)
Their debut was awesome, and now I almost missed the follow up (I have stopped receiving music newsletters and such). However, the stars aligned in a way that made me stumble over the fact that “Gateway To The Antisphere” had just been released, and I just had to pick it up at once. This, their second album, is every bit as heavy as the debut, and that’s saying something. Sulphur Aeon manage to wrench out a sonic low end that you can feel in your whole body, but still keep the mix clear enough for the actual riffs to come through.
They have become one of my favorites death metal bands! 9.5/10

Mattias Janebrink
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