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Iced Earth – Plagues of Babylon (Vinyl Mix) (2014) —

ALBUM: Iced Earth – Plagues of Babylon  LABEL: Century Media YEAR: 2014 GENRE: Power Metal WEBSITE: | RATING: 5 / 10   No one can begrudge you for being a little skeptical of a release by American power metal institution Iced Earth in 2014. Following the departure of Matt Barlow post-9/11, and the entry of one-trick-pony and professional Rob Halford impersonator Ripper Owens, […]

Against the Wall – July 2013 —

ALBUM: Black Sabbath – “13” LABEL: Vertigo Records GENRE: Heavy/Traditional/Doom Metal OVERALL RATING: 6.8/10 – (TK): Black Sabbath is Black Sabbath, but seriously!? This album is so boring I had to struggle just to get through it. They just sound so old.  Wait? …….they are old. 5.0/10 (MJ): #13 actually gives me a nice retro feeling and I […]

Ghost – “Infestissumam” 2013 —

ALBUM: Ghost – “Infestissumam” LABEL: Loma Vista Recordings YEAR: 2013 GENRE: Dirty Hippy Satanist Retro Rock WEBSITE: link RATING: 4.0/10 – The most important thing to remember about Ghost is that they probably were always likely to disappoint us in the long run. Opus Eponymous, 2010’s tremendously catchy and intoxicating debut, had the benefit of surprise […]

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