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Against the Wall – November 2014 —

ALBUM: Anaal Nathrakh –”Desideratum” LABEL: Metal Blade Records GENRE: Industrial Black Metal/Grindcore OVERALL RATING: 8.3/10 – (BH): Aside from the occasional and nearly unbearable high-pitched screaming vocal variety, this album is amazing, which can actually be said of any AN album. However, this is by far their best record to date. It’s a devious, chaotic, mechanized cyborg of […]

Against the Wall – October 2014 —

ALBUM: Cannibal Corpse – ”A Skeletal Domain” LABEL: Metal Blade Records GENRE: Death Metal OVERALL RATING: 8.3/10 – (TK): Do you like Cannibal Corpse? Well, then you also like “A Skeletal Domain”. 8.0/10 (BH): Ladies and gentlemen, this is a finely honed death metal production. I can’t remember an album that just sounded this good in quite a while. Oh and […]

Ihsahn – “Das Seelenbrechen” 2013 —

ALBUM: Ihsahn – “Das Seelenbrechen” LABEL: Candlelight Records YEAR: 2013 GENRE: Extreme Progressive Metal WEBSITE: link RATING: 9.0 / 10  – After the almost-slaughter (by almost everyone but me) in Novembers ATW, I felt I needed to take a second look at Ihsahn‘s “Das Seelenbrechen”. Could it be so, that I had taken my previous fascination for this genius/madman into […]

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