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Info was registered back in 2003.  However, let’s just say that life got in the way and exactly 9 years later, on September 30th 2012, Deathdomain finally saw the light of day.
Deathdomain Webzine is a non-profit website made by metalheads for metalheads out of cheer love for the music. In other words, we’re all just a bunch of broke metalheads enjoying music.

Deathdomain will only guarantee reviews of physical demos/albums that are submitted. Digital promos/demos will be reviewed as well, but not with a 100% guarantee.

If you want to submit your demo or album for a review at Deathdomain, send an e-mail to the following adress for further information:

PS: As much as we do appreciate receiving press-releases etc. from both bands and labels in our mailbox we will not post them here. Deathdomain does not do news, only reviews, interviews and random rants.