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Against the Wall – January 2015 —

#1 ALBUM: Marduk –”Frontschwein” LABEL: Century Media Records GENRE: Black Metal OVERALL RATING: 8.8/10 – (TK): What is the to say really? The absolute pinnacle of Mortuus-era Marduk. I’ve always loved it when the band concentrate more on the non-speedy side of black metal and this is just that. Almost with a Satyricon:ish vibe and groove to it. This is black metal! 9.0/10 […]

Paganizer – “Into the Catacombs” 2011 —

ALBUM: Paganizer – “Into the Catacombs” 2011 LABEL: Cyclone Empire YEAR: 2011 GENRE: Death Metal WEBSITE: link RATING: 8.0 / 10 – I know this release has got a little age on it, but I’ve honestly been spinning it an awful lot lately. From the moment it came out back in 2011, I’ve never been necessarily blown away or anything by […]

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