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Against the Wall – May 2014 —

ALBUM: Triptykon –”Melana Chasmata” LABEL: Century Media GENRE: Gothic/Doom/Death/Black Metal OVERALL RATING: 7.5/10 – (TK): Hakuna Matata! I was recently introduced to this unreleased Celtic Frost material from 2002 and while I love the fact that I was, I also regret hearing it since everytime I hear Tom G. Warrior nowadays – that damn song comes to mind. But, after […]

Marche Funèbre – “Roots of Grief” 2013 —

ALBUM: Marche Funèbre – “Roots of Grief” LABEL: Shiver Records YEAR: 2013 GENRE: Doom/Death Metal WEBSITE: link RATING: 7.0 / 10 – When I listened to the debut full-length by this band, it was not interesting at all. It was a vacuous approach with little to give and the clean vocals really ruined everything. This September, two years later, they come […]

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