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Against the Wall – November 2014 —

ALBUM: Anaal Nathrakh –”Desideratum” LABEL: Metal Blade Records GENRE: Industrial Black Metal/Grindcore OVERALL RATING: 8.3/10 – (BH): Aside from the occasional and nearly unbearable high-pitched screaming vocal variety, this album is amazing, which can actually be said of any AN album. However, this is by far their best record to date. It’s a devious, chaotic, mechanized cyborg of […]

Against the Wall – November 2013 —

ALBUM: Inquisition –”Obscure Verses for the Multiverse” LABEL: Season of Mist GENRE: Black Metal OVERALL RATING: 8.2/10 – (TK): And to think that I didn’t think that Inquisition could top “Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm”. I stand corrected. This is pure black metal brilliance! I salute thee!! 9.0/10 (MJ): I know that some consider Inquisition an aqcuired taste, and I’m […]

Against The Wall – November 2012 —

ALBUM: Gloria Morti – “Lateral Constraint” LABEL: Cyclone Empire GENRE: Melodic Black/Death Metal OVERALL RATING: 8.0/10 – (TK): Well now, here’s an album that caught me by surprise. The band photo turned me off, the music sounded so so, but this quickly grew into one of the most enjoyable things I’ve heard this year. Read full review, here.  8.5/10 (MJ): Gloria Morti means […]

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