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Ash Borer – “Cold of Ages” 2012 —

ALBUM: Ash Borer – “Cold of Ages” LABEL: Profund Lore Records YEAR: 2012 GENRE: Black Metal WEBSITE: link RATING: 8.0 / 10 – Ash Borer are a part of a relatively new musical movement that revolves around the terms “USBM” and “Cascadian Black Metal”, being one of the many acts to emerge from California (along with Fell Voices, Volahn, Bone Awl […]

Against the Wall – March 2013 —

ALBUM: Suffocation – “Pinnacles of Bedlam” LABEL: Nuclear Blast GENRE: Brutal Technical Death Metal OVERALL RATING: 8.0/10 (7,7)* – (TK): To be brutally honest I haven’t really paid that much attention to Suffocation after the “Despise the Sun” EP (1998), but the things I’ve heard after that has always sounded like quality stuff. “Pinnacles of Bedlam” is no exception […]

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