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Leprous – “The Congregation” 2015 —

ALBUM: Leprous – “The Congregation” LABEL: InsideOut Music YEAR: 2015 GENRE: Progressive Metal WEBSITE: Link RATING: 10 / 10 – If anyone reading this have been visiting Deathdomain frequently from the beginning, I’m sure they have seen me mention the last Leprous album, “Coal”, and my subsequent praise. It was our boss TK that shared a song from that […]

JZZBLK – “Welcome” EP 2014 —

ALBUM: JZZBLK – “Welcome” LABEL: Self-Released YEAR: 2014 GENRE: Avant-garde metal WEBSITE: link RATING: 9 / 10 – JZZBLK’s ([dʒæzblæk] avant garde/experimentell rock/metal). Now here’s a local band that has had a hard time convincing me. I guess it took a couple of years, a pink t-shirt, two live-shows and the release of “Welcome” to convince me. This sort of music ain’t usually […]

Against the Wall – July 2013 —

ALBUM: Black Sabbath – “13” LABEL: Vertigo Records GENRE: Heavy/Traditional/Doom Metal OVERALL RATING: 6.8/10 – (TK): Black Sabbath is Black Sabbath, but seriously!? This album is so boring I had to struggle just to get through it. They just sound so old.  Wait? …….they are old. 5.0/10 (MJ): #13 actually gives me a nice retro feeling and I […]

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